North African Sand Storm Survey

Last Acquisition in the SEVIRI Database: AOD retrieval (Algo 2020) under construction

  • The NASCube project presents a near real-time survey of sandstorm and atmospheric events in North Africa.
  • While scrolling through the NAScube databases, you will be able to visualize the spatio-temporal detection of many components of SEVIRI images: clouds, sandstorms, sun glint, water color
  • You can download SEVIRI images with standard commands (wget or curl). Complete the form and you will receive an email containing an access code and the method. You can see examples on this web page
Project credit and Web system distribution: L. Gonzalez C. Deroo - Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique

This implementation illustrates our software's capability to generate and handle large true color composite images constructed directly from EUMETSAT MSG 1.5 data.

Publication about the NASCube project